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California Workers Unite Against Gov.'s Attacks

Join Teachers, Nurses, Firefighters, Police Officers and Others for a Better California

Governor Schwarzenegger Declares War on Public Employee PensionsWelcome to Retirement Roulette, the website of California's working men and women committed to preserving secure retirements and death and disability benefits for our state's public servants. We are teachers, firefighters, police officers, nurses, health care workers, and school, city and state employees dedicated to making California work.

When Gov. Schwarzenegger declared war on our retirement systems - and on us - in his State of the State address last January, we joined forces with the same level of dedication and commitment that we bring to our jobs and to our state every day. We want what's best for all Californians.

true-liesJoin us in our efforts to protect and serve California. Keep checking this website for the latest information, including upcoming activities, how you and your organization can get involved and materials you can use to educate your members and the public on Arnold's real game plan.











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